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Tuesday, April 21, 2020 in

Trevor Panczak - I Can Be the Lover (Official Video)

Trevor Panczak

I Can Be the Lover
Official video
Copyright 2016

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Label: Altatude Music
Management: Sakamoto Entertainment
Video Director: Dan Berdusco - Inc.
Writers: Bob Moffat, Clint Moffat / John Wiggins
Producer Bob Funk
Hair & make-up: Levi Cox, Austin Walsh & Lauren Pitt 

Special Thanks: Dan Berdusco, Amber Schmid, Kevin Mcleod, Rob Edmonds, Tim Berlando, Jocelyn Chugg, Wade Johnson, Levi Cox, Austrian Graf, Elissa Mcleod, Lauren Pitt, Ray Banman, Mike Gnandt, Ed Johnson, Darren Sillito, Rob Bain - ATB, Kurtis Koop, Beth Geddert , Abe Caldwell, Rob Mereska - Average Joes, Shane Schmid, Vern Megli, Johnny and Sherri Perlich, Courtney Edmonds, Rick & Lynnette Harder, Ramona, Craig Paskal and the roof top partiers!

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