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There’s just something honest, compelling and immediately likeable about Trevor Panczak and his music. With a refreshing authenticity that is increasingly rare to find, the Alberta-based country recording artist writes, interprets and records songs that speak to one’s heart in a way that is simple, soulful and with an appeal to a broad array of music fans. 

Whether singing original compositions or recording those of other writers, Trevor is able to take ownership of the song; his vocal performance grabbing hold of the listener’s attention, evoking memories and emotions born out of a life that has seen its tragedies and triumphs. He has developed the remarkable ability to connect not only with an audience but with a song and translate his own personal connection to engage listeners. 

A prime case in point is Panczak’s single, I Can Be the Lover. The song, which was penned by Canadian country music luminaries Bob and Clint Moffat (The Moffats) and Nashville songwriter John Wiggins, was produced by Canadian born, Nashville based Bob Funk (Patricia Conroy, Mark Wills). It is deeply melodic and refreshingly sweet song with a theme of true and lasting love after heartbreak. “It’s something I am sure happens to lots of people. You have a friend who is going through a bit of a tough time and you’ve always had a sweet spot for her. Now that she is not with the person who was giving her so much grief, you think maybe it’s time to let her know your real feelings for her, and that hey, let’s see if we can make a go of it,” he explained. “I really identify with this song, but I also like it because it’s a chance for me to display some more of my vocal range, which is great.” 

The song follows on the heels of two popular and critically acclaimed singles that Panczak released last year – the summertime single Tan Line, and the upbeat, sincere and affectionate For a Girl, which hit the Top 50 on the Canadian Country Radio charts. Both represent Trevor’s affinity for material that is simple, but not simplistic – songs that are laden with the sort of sentimental imagery that makes any listener smile with a sense of familiarity and recognition. “I love songs that are about real people, real situations, and real feelings. There’s nothing fancy or contrived about my music. I don’t believe in the genre lines so much. There is quite simply good music or bad music. I like to write and interpret songs that anyone can identify with. I love the message in songs like I Can Be the Lover and For a Girl. I can totally identify with the simplicity of those sentiments,” he said. 

Panczak grew up in a solid, supportive home where music was played, appreciated and became the soundtrack of the entire family’s life on the farm. “I was exposed to everything from Elvis to ABBA to The Beatles to both Hanks and Merle Haggard. I remember I would sit and listen to the American Country Countdown on the radio sitting in the cab of the pick-up truck and just getting lost in the music. My dad would send me on an errand to get a wrench or something and I would totally forget because I was so captivated by the songs. I remember draining the battery in the sprayer truck, listening to the Smokey and the Bandit soundtrack over and over again,” he said. “My grandmother bought me a tape recorder -- one of those old-school ones where you plugged in a little microphone. As a little kid I would sing the hit songs of the day into that. So that’s where it really started.” His parents tried to convince Trevor to play the piano but his precocious attention was more fixed on the old guitar his Dad had laying around in his den. After showing young Trevor a few chords and admiring his son’s dedication, his father, Johnny, spurred by his Grandma Lola, worked to promote his son’s passion, creating shows and booking him to play at various fundraisers around the community, to the point where he soon became a household name in Lethbridge and the surrounding area. “That’s where I learned how to interact with a crowd. So my dad and grandmother were really instrumental in my career path. They both really went to bat for me” he said. 

Sadly, Johnny Panczak died in 2003 after a courageous battle against cancer. It was the second life-changing tragedy in his young life. Six years earlier, older brother Richard was killed by a drunk driver when he was just 30. The passion, dedication and sense of mission that Panczak has for his life and career is, in large part, a tribute to these two pivotal figures in his life, whose own lives were cut down well before their time. “Those experiences have made me want to live life to the fullest. I’ve learned that you have to take advantage of every opportunity you have and work hard. There’s not a lot of time for us on this earth. It’s helped keep me grounded and given me a more appreciative perspective on my music career. People say, ‘wouldn’t it be great to get to the top of the charts and be a big star?’ But for me it’s about the journey. Although it would be a great feat and that is what I set out to achieve, it’s not just about getting to the top. Its taking the time to be present, in the moment, helping others and be excited about where you are right now. It’s about working towards something, with those that support you, to make an impact on your community,” he said. 

Trevor has been writing and recording music for nearly 20 years now, becoming an in-demand performer throughout Alberta and Western Canada. In recent years, his reputation for superior showmanship and sheer entertainment value has earned him opening slots for the likes of legendary country acts such as Zac Brown Band, Michelle Wright, Miss Patti Page, Dan Seals, Ian Tyson, Don Williams, Keith Urban, Clint Black, Thompson Square, Lady Antebellum, and Tim McGraw. “I think what I do is take the best elements of the older era of country music, where it was more grounded, more honest and more about real life, and combine it with a modern, melodic flair, sensibility and sound,” he said. 

Besides his commitment to his craft as a musician, songwriter and performer, Trevor continues to be committed to using his talent to give back to various charitable causes. Even when he was struggling to make a name for himself as an artist, he would donate some of the earnings from his CD sales to Ronald McDonald House and give countless hours of his time to perform at various community events. His dedication earned him the People’s Choice Award from the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and the Alberta Centennial Medal of Honour for Excellence in Community. Panczak said the values of community, co-operation and selflessness he learned from his parents and grandparents will never abate no matter how successful he becomes as a country music star. 

“No matter where I go, or what happens in my career, I will never forget my roots and I will never stop supporting my community. I hope that with each single and album I release and each tour that I do, I can give back even more on a broader scale and support other causes. It’s part of who I am, and that will never change.” 


Performed at the ACMA awards show

Full slate of touring scheduled for 2019 available here:


ACMA Male vocalist of the Year and Rising Star nominations.

Toured with Brett Kissel on the "We Were That Song" national tour

Trevor's STARS Boots and Roots Gala raises over $70,000.00

Releases full length album "Where I Go to Come Back"

"Where I Go to Come Back" tour commences

Headline Act:

Country at the Creek Music Fest Big River, SK. 

Teepee Creek Stampede with Dean Brody and Deric Ruttan

Ol' Macdonalds music Festival with Beverly Mahood

Lamont Bullarama, Yellowhead Bullarama, Crossfield Rodeo, Ponoka Stampede, Calgary Stampede, Fort St. John Rodeo, Magrath Days, Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding

Cheap Shades released to radio in June goes top 50 and stays in the top 100 for the rest of the year


Headlined Rockin' River Musicfest main stage with Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson

Released "Blame it On the Whiskey" to Canadian Radio

Nominated for 2 ACMA awards

Performed at the ACMA awards Gala 

Represented The Calgary Stampede in Australia

Help initiate new gala fundraiser "Boots and Roots" for STARS in Lethbridge, AB Raising $24,000.00

Headlined Grande Prairie Stompede with Mark Chesnutt and Washboard Union

Headlined Nashville North Calgary Stampede

Headlined U of L 50th Anniversary homecoming festival with Corb Lund

Showcased at CCMA week Saskatoon

Helped raise $100,000.00 in 2017

Sponsored 2 World Vision children


Trevor makes the top 12 final for the coveted Project WILD 2016. Designed for emerging Alberta artists

Trevor and the band play Clint Black night at Ponoka Stampede

Trevor shares the main stage at Porkapalooza Music/BBQ fefstival with Hey Romeo, Washboard Union, Gord Bamford and Diamond Rio

Trevor and the band open for Joe Nichols/Gord Bamford

The single "I Can Be the Lover" is released to Canadian radio in early 2016

Trevor and the band continue to tour Western Canada and the Northern United States


Trevor awarded the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Peoples Choice award.

Trevor helped organize and raise over $100,000.00 for The Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Assoc. building rebuild after heavy snowfall collapsed the older structure.

Opened for Lady Antebellum in Lethbridge AB. 

Trevor’s 2nd Single “Tan Line” released to Canadian radio in June

Trevor’s 2nd video for “Tan Line”  released in June

Performed 5 days at the Calgary Stampede’s Nashville North Stage

His 2014 single release “For a Girl” peaked in the top 50 (#17 Canadian) on Canadian Country Radio


Opened for Tim Mcgraw at Rexall Place in Edmonton, AB

Performed at Winnipeg’s inaugural Prairie Jam at Investors Group Field with Zac Brown Band Thompson Square and Kiera Isabella 

Performed 5 days at the Calgary Stampede’s Nashville North Stage

Released the single “For A Girl” to Canadian Radio followed up with his first video.


Continues to tour with the ATAA.

Working on 5th Recording of new original material

Performed at the Canadian Curling Association’s Brier & Scott Tournament of Hearts 

Performed 5 days at the Calgary Stampede’s Nashville North Stage

Opening act for Country music legend Don Williams 5 show Canadian tour.


Travelling the Province as a part of the Alberta Touring Alliance Concert Series 2011.

Trevor Played a show in Hawaii, in January, for the Arts touring alliance as well!

The release of his latest EP Another Day Another Dollar.

Released his first Cover Song, Fire & Rain by James Taylor to Canadian Radio.  


-Over 100 shows including: Opening for Michelle Wright

-The Calgary Stampede.

-UFA Centennial Grass roots events throughout the province.   

-$1 from each $5 CD goes to the Ronald McDonald House.  The total donated dollars now stand at close to $20,000. 


-Over 100 shows, including appearances at: The Alberta Salute during Juno week 

The Patti Page Canadian Tour, The Calgary Stampede, The Montana State Fair

-Placed runner-up out of 50,000 contestants in the National Final of the Colgate Country Showdown at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.      

 -The January release of Trevor’s debut single “Give me that Smile” coincided with a retail agreement with The UFA Co-op & a fund raising arrangement with The Ronald McDonald House.  

-“Give me that Smile” went to #1 at CFCW in Edmonton and made the top 100 for 2008 at CJXX in Grande Prairie. 

-The EP album, “Roll On” went on sale at 75 UFA retail locations in Alberta.

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